Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Actively looking for Joy

My sweet sister in love Bethany posted on her blog the other day about joy and has inspired me to make my own list of things that bring me joy. I'm with her and I'm tired of tying my joy up in my circumstances and my future desires. So here goes, things that bring me joy:

1. The love of my life, Ryan Matthew Cook, he desires me when I'm feeling less than desirable, he loves me when I feel less than lovely ( or lovable) and he blesses my socks off with his devotion to our family.

2. My two miracle children, because all children are a miracle when you think about all that has to happen for conception to even exist.

3. Being able to stay home with them each day and to provide a growing, nurturing environment for them.

4. Seeing not only their growth educationally but most especially spiritually.


6. The family of friends and fellow believers that fill my life and days, I couldn't have travelled through these ups and downs without them. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives.

7. My monday nights... starting with loving on kids at Agape while their parents are learning about God and ending with an amazing group of ladies who have loved me and prayed me through it all.

8. Clothes hanging on a line in the sunshine.

9. Sonshine... and Sunshine!

10. A great glass of red wine and some dark chocolate.

11. Playing worship music at full volume while I clean my house.

12. A perfect day at the beach.

A good dozen is good for now.. I think I could go on and that is a good thing, for me anyway.. Thanks Bethany for the reminder of all he has blessed me with. Love you sis!

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Bethany said...

Love you, too sis! That is a great list! Glad you were inspired. I admit that I thought of you a lot as I typed out that post. And prayed it would unfold abundant joy in your life again. Sometimes it has to start with making a choice but that choice can change our lives immenseley as well as the people around us.