Thursday, October 29, 2009

being honest before God

My awesome B-I-L and brother in Christ challenged me today to be honest with God, to pour out what is so deeply in my heart it's things only he knows... and he does know already. Why do I think that because I know he already knows these things I don't need to talk to Him about them? Okay Tim, I'm gonna try cuz my heart is hurting so much today I can't even breath...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The names of God

nothing fancy, today I need to sit in His presence and feel the need to list the names I know Him by and why, a reminder for my soul of sorts...


All Powerful - He can handle anything that I send His way

Emanuel - God is with us, He is with me second by second, day by day, month by month, year by year through all eternity, but am I with Him?

El Shadi - All Sufficient, He can be my everything, am I letting Him?

Truth - I can trust everything I read in His Word

The still waters - if I will allow Him He will lead me to Himself and I can rest beside Him

And - if He is The Beginning and The End, Alpha and Omega then He is the and in between, He is ever present, ever loving, ever knowing

The Bridegroom - He is pure love waiting with baited breath for me to walk down the aisle to Him, why is this one the hardest to believe and understand when I have such an amazing example before me each day in Matt?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Like minded friends part 2

God is taking Matt and I on an expedition, a journey of discovery if you will, about what the Church is. Part of that is the need and desire to find friends to travel with us. I am blessed more than I realize some days by an incredible group of ladies who support me, cry with me, pray over me and will even pick up my pack and carry if for me if I get to tired to do it myself. One of the coolest parts is that there are some who are shoulder to shoulder with me and then also ever growing rings of support, kinda like the ripples on a lake when a rock is thrown in... these ladies and their husbands are our church. A fellowship of like minded believers who might not be in our lives day in and day out but are willing to open their lives to us, to share their pain and burdens, joys and triumphs, to bless us and be willing to be blessed by us. Thank you Father for continuing to open my eyes to all you have blessed me with. You have answered prayers, You have been faithful even in the face of my doubt, questions and anger, You are Alpha & Omega, The Beginning and The End, You are and always will be.... I love you Daddy, help me to continue to crawl to your lap of forgivness and words of love and wisdom.